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Happier Planet

Free feasibility studies and zero cash down solar financing for businesses in Central England

Remove any concerns about the cost of switching to solar with zero cash down finance. Get the instant benefit of the cheapest source of energy by covering the cost of finance plans from the savings you make! If you want to go green, this is the best value option for high energy businesses based in the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Hertfordshire and Warwickshire.  Contact us  to arrange a free feasibility study and site visit to see if your business could benefit from solar power.

Why go solar?

Achieve energy compliance

All UK commercial premises must have energy rating of C or above by 2027 (B by 2030) or face fixed penalties. Adding solar can increase your energy rating up to two levels to help your compliance whilst also saving significant long-term cost on fossil fuel prices and a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Huge savings over 25 years

Benefit from the cheapest form of renewable energy with immediate benefits of reduced per kWh energy costs. Generated savings payback installation within 5-10 years with returns of up to 10x cost over 25 years. Additional solutions such as battery storage or heat pumps can further reduce business costs.

Great tax incentives

Multiple tax breaks available depending on size and type of business, including capital investments through Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), 50% special rate first year allowance (SR allowance) or exemption schemes such as EIIS or CCL exemptions. We work with specialists to find the right savings for you.

Our Solutions

Own a property or long term lease?

Our installation partner offers a turnkey solution that can help plan for your precise businesses needs. An expert team can help maximise your carbon reductions: EV car charge points, battery storage, heat pumps and solar carports. We have a portfolio of services at your disposal and can even advise on tax breaks and other ways for you to reduce the cost. 

Great news for landlords!

Create a new income stream for your business units when you install a solar array. Set you own price tariff to pass savings on to the customers, whilst generating a new income stream for your business. Or offer energy inclusive with rental, giving a powerful incentive for new tenants to sign.

For landlords with multiple units under one roof, income generated can help spread the risk of standing charges for idle units.

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